• Ruby & the Skinny Monkey

    Ruby & the Skinny Monkey

    Ruby rescues Skinny Monkey from a lonely life without anyone to love him after being discarded and ending up in a charity shop. This is the first of their many adventures together.
  • The Big Bully - Coming Soon

    The Big Bully - Coming Soon

    When little Ruby started her new school everything was lovely until she met Jasmin, the big bully. Ruby shows everyone that being strong and kind is always best in the end.
  • The Christmas Wish

    The Christmas Wish

    It was Christmas Eve and Ruby and the Skinny Monkey were very excited because they were going to town on the bus. Where they would see the huge Christmas tree and beautiful Christmas Lights.
  • The First Injection

    The First Injection

    An endearing story dealing with injections to be read together, encouraging little ones to talk freely about any worries they might have, mentally preparing them for the trip to the doctors.
  • The Litter Bugs - Coming Soon

    The Litter Bugs - Coming Soon

    A must read, heartwarming story of how a trip to the park ended in little Ruby helping a hurt baby swan and teaching everyone exactly why we should never litter.
  • Trip to the Dentist

    Trip to the Dentist

    Going to the dentist can be quite worrying when youre little but with grandma around to encourage and keep her safe Rubys trip to the dentist turned into a lovely day out.