Personalised children’s books can do so much more!



In considering the leaps and bounds that can be made in children’s literacy levels it has got to be said that my true belief is that all small children getting started on their reading journey must be given access to any spark that will encourage a love of books into later life, there is no better spark than a set of personalised books.

A personalised book will fascinate them, you can watch the amazement grow page after page.

I have seen the look of wonder on children’s faces when they first open a personalised book and see themselves in it, it is magical and that moment stays with them from then on and into the future as they realise books are treasures to be held as dear as a favourite teddy bear.

I know of one little girl who insists on taking her books everywhere she goes as if she is taking her best friends out with her.

But the scope of personalised books is so much more, my own feeling is that in capturing the positivity a story about themselves gives children towards a book we should then capitalise on this and as in the case of my own books, the stories to give out positive and interesting messages to receptive little minds.

Personalised children’s books telling stories of everyday life is a wonderful way to introduce small children to life experiences whilst tending and nurturing the stirrings of a love of books into the future.

Having a wide range of stories involving close family members, extended family and even school and everyday friends, with stories covering everything from learning to ride a bike to lessons on why littering is a bad thing or even a first trip to the dentist is in my opinion a great way to get multiple use and maximum benefit from a book that children will most definitely read over and over again.

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