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As an author and having concerns about literacy levels in children in the UK, when I read statistical information from organisations like the literacy trust which states quite clearly that literacy levels in individual children rocket when a child is given a personalised Book that appears to them to be all about them, I feel truly vindicated and am happy to have spent so much time , effort and money on creating a range of beautiful personalised children’s books.

One of the reasons I decided to get my illustrator to try and represent as many children as possible in our books was to try and be as inclusive as possible of all children, it’s no good to simply carry on publishing books that only represent children one way, such as girls always having to be rescued and playing no real major part in the story or conversely boys always playing the character of the baddy or the hero in every story and likewise it’s no good to simply have all white children and sometimes include the odd black child or Asian child as a token nod to the different ethnicities is that we have in the United Kingdom.

Gender stereotypes and ethnic stereotypes can truly be blown away in a personalised book therefore not only are we using the information gleaned by the literacy trust regarding literacy levels achieving much higher states by giving children personalise books but we are truly blowing away stereotypes based on colour as well there can be no better tool for allowing children to grow up understanding the diversity in their country than giving them stories about themselves.

Books containing children from non-white ethnicities always seem to me to be telling a tale of sadness or leaving the homeland or having to seek safety or at the very least having to give something up, I find it unacceptable that children can’t just simply be children in the story, whatever colour they are wherever they come from children’s share the same feelings like the same things and are frightened of the same things and we should as authors and publishers try to accommodate as many children as we possibly can.

In my books for example we even can have the option of having a redhead child with green eyes blue eyes or dark eyes, Chinese children, black children and I am even working on Versions of my books portraying twins and disabled children, all these children deserve the same chance to read stories about everyday things about all children regardless of their background.

Just ordinary stuff,  I truly believe allowing children to see themselves just as children first will have a positive effect on society as they grow older.

Purchasing one of my personalised children’s books for a little loved one in your life isn’t just a gift of a lovely book with a lovely story is it is in my opinion the gift of literacy and inclusivity and your child will truly love his or her personalised book.

Here is an example of just a couple of reviews from very happy customers who have received their Christmas personalised book.

Mike Molloy


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